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When You enter the Masterclass 

You Get Full & Immediate Access To

15+ Hours of Step By Step Training: (€1,297 Value)

Over the span of 15+ hours, LinkedIn Social Selling Masterclass has training that covers EVERY aspect of creating an organic Lead Generation machine. This is almost a plug & play system with enough success stories to back it up! From analyzing and researching your competitors to completely optimizing your profile to writing nerve striking content. Besides that, you’ll learn exactly how to write enticing messages and how to retarget your LinkedIn connections with Email and FB marketing… this course has everything covered for you.

You’ll get access to fellow social sellers that are B2B marketers, business owners and overall doers.

You’ll get access to a peer group so you can help each other  and even trade services.

You’ll get access to exclusive content, and premium support.

Bi-Weekly LIVE Q&A Call With Nick Cleijne (€459)

Every 2 weeks, we hold a live Q&A in our private membership group. This is only accessible for our masterclass customers, and we usually charge €100 per hour for 1 on 1 coaching.

Scripts, Software tools, Templates, Frameworks & More: (€297 Value)

We have created numerous templates that have been finetuned over the years that are ready for you to use. 

The assets you get include full messages sequences to get you from a stranger to their trusted go-to person for your expertise. Moreover, it includes content creation checklists, a proven storytelling framework, the full tutorial on how to filter leads using Bolean searches and advanced sales navigator tricks.

It includes templates to build up your profile from zero to hero, templates to structure your content ideas, a content calendar template and much more. These templates and frameworks have been tested and optimized throughout the years, and are ‘plug and play’ ready for you to use.

Here's What Others Are Saying

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Casper Schunselaar
Founder of Copy Collab and Yourinternation

When I started with Nick's LinkedIn Social Selling strategies, I was already actively using LinkedIn as an acquisition platform for the two agencies that I run: Copycollab and Yourinternational.

Especially for the majority of B2B high ticket deals, I rely on LinkedIn to expand my network.

This way of working however, allows me to take my Linkedin acquisition to the next level.

I really liked the nuanced way of doing outbound marketing told in this book.

We learned advanced techniques that even I as an established business owner, didn’t know before."

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Morten Gilje
Founder of Funnelmedia

I’m running a social media marketing agency, focussing on e-commerce and Info product clients.

Before starting with the ’LISS’ process, I was growing, but rather inconsistently. If you’re reading this and think that it’s some sort of get-rich quick type of thing: it is not… at all.

This worked for me because I have a real business and I’m willing to put in the work. Ever since I have applied the copywriting rules, the reach of my content has gone way up.

As an agency owner, I don’t have much time to do prospecting, and this method helps me to save a lot of time.

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Joachim Brouckaert
Owner of Add Value Agency

This book talks about both the psychology behind things, as well as ready-to-use, actionable tips.

Before reading, I wasn’t even aware of half the stuff that’s possible on LinkedIn and that there’s so much software that can make things easier-

Also, the copywriting section involved a lot of tips that we use as a checklist in my agency every time we write copy.

As an agency owner that’s going after B2B clients, I’d say this changed the way that we are doing acquisition for sure.

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What outcome can you expect from this course exactly?

You’re going to learn step by step how to generate 25-40 qualified leads per month for your business. This program is not going to tell you how to start a business. It’s not a generic ‘social media’ course. This program is going to teach you a very specific skill: how to leverage LinkedIn as an acquisition, nurturing, and branding channel. This will inevitably result in you becoming a thought leader and drive business through LinkedIn. This is information that is usually only available to our high-ticket clients and they pay between €1000-€2000 for it every month.

Scripts, Funnels, Templates & More: (€2,788 Value)

  • 15+ Hours of Step By Step Training: (€1497 Value)
  • Winning private mastermind group (€497 Value)
  • Bi-Weekly LIVE Q&A Call With Nick Cleijne (€497 Value)
  • Scripts, Software tools, Templates, Frameworks & More: (€297 Value)

The Curriculum


First Section

► 1.1. Welcome to LISS

► 1.2. Intro to LISS

► 1.3. A common trap when doing LISS

►1.4. Case study


Second Section

►2.1. Crafting your ICP

►2.1. Building your profile

►3.1. Building your profile

►4.1. Introduction to LinkedIn Content Marketing

►4.2. Crafting your content marketing strategy

►4.3 Content calendar tutorial

►4.4. Finding Content inspiration

►4.5. Copywriting on LinkedIn

►4.6. Images and pdf posts on LinkedIn

►4.7. Videomarketing on LinkedIn

►4.8. Engaging pods

►5.1. Intro to community building

►5.2. Engaging in the home feed

►5.3. Engaging in LinkedIn groups

►6.1. Intro to Outbound & Sales

►6.2. Building your ICP list without Sales Navigator

►6.3. Sales Navigator

►6.4. LinkedIn outbound automation software

►6.5. Sales on LinkedIn

►7.1. Intro to Advanced Automation & Retargeting

►7.2. Advanced automation

►7.3. Email Retargeting

►7.4. Facebook Retargeting

►7.5. Final words

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  • ​​​Ask any final questions about the program
  • Have a call with me personally where I can discover your specific situation and provide you with tips, even if this course isn’t for you.
  • ​​Make sure that you’re ready 5 minutes before your scheduled time and in a quiet environment.

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